Steel Construction

Zusammenbau im Stahlbau
The steel construction department has an area of 1900 m² where approx. 30 design mechanics and nine welders perform their work. Our welders are qualified for welding processes 135, 141 and 111.

The following equipment is used to prepare the welding seam

  • Brazing torches Quicky 16951
  • Metal nibbler BDS-SKF20
  • ESAB Handy-Autokit

Welding machines

  • ESAB-LAX380
  • ESAB-LAR630
  • ESAB-LDA500
  • ESAB-LAF1000 (UP)
  • ESAB-MIG405w
  • ESAB-MIG652w
  • Lorch P5500
  • Lorch V40
  • Lorch S8 Speed Pulse

Metal shears LVD type HSL31/12
up to a breadth of 12×3000 mm

Vorwärmen einer Rolle mit ProHeat 35

Preheating appliance Finn Miller
ProHeat 35

Several worktables of up to 3500×7000 mm, 
fully machined, allow precise and ergonomic work.

Cranes: 2x 80 t, 2x 16 t and 1x 50 t