Vibrating instead of annealing

The VSR process for reducing stress is the fast and inexpensive alternative to annealing to relieve stress on welded, forged and cast constructions. After a programme-controlled analysis and automatic stress relieving treatment of the workpieces have been carried out, the workpieces are stress-relieved and therefore dimensionally stabilized. In a subsequent assessment, the final condition of the workpiece is documented. The mechanical processing can now be performed without troublesome delays and therefore to the closest tolerances.

Our service for you

Our employees carry out the VSR process in your workshop on your workpieces, which, until now, have been annealed to relieve stress.

Your advantages

  • No annealing distortion 
• Low energy consumption
  • No deburring necessary
  • Unit weights of between 80 kg and 200 t
  • No transport costs 
• Can also be used on shot-blast or painted material